Tips On How to End a Date

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When you are trying to end a date you will find that this is something that can be tricky to do. A lot of how you end a date will have to do with how the date went and what kind of impression you want to leave on the person that you are saying good night to.

Good Note

If you wish to end a date on a good note then make sure that they are hopeful for another date to follow. Shaking hands at the end of the night will usually leave someone to believe that it did not go well and they do not have a chance at going out with you again. If you feel comfortable kiss them goodnight, if it is too soon for that then a hug and maybe a kiss on the cheek will suffice.

Bad Date

If you are looking to end a date that didn’t go as well as you hoped then be honest. Do not lead them on as this will only lead to hurt feelings and awkward conversations in your future. If they ask if they can see you again simply tell them that you did not feel a connection and that you do not think that it will work out. While this may seem harsh it is much nicer than making them think otherwise.


If you are unsure on where you stand at the end of the date then give them another try. They may have been nervous and need a chance to redeem themselves. Schedule another date before calling it a night.

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